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Back to Bolivia: the final few days.

sunny 25 °C

We were pretty excited after we left the jungle. Being back in civilisation seemed like being on holiday again, everything was awesome. Hot showers, comfortable real beds, electricity at our fingertips, really good food, beers with dinner, fruit. Yes – it was good to be back. We couldn’t keep the smiles off our faces.

1. Gitte, Stig, Mike, Me and Richard.  The night we left the jungle.  Dinner, drinks and shisha in a 'real' restaurant.

1. Gitte, Stig, Mike, Me and Richard. The night we left the jungle. Dinner, drinks and shisha in a 'real' restaurant.

After only one night in Santa Cruz, we decided to push on and make some ground north. The 18 hour overnight bus to La Paz just seemed to fly by – a combination of being dead tired, and buying the most expensive but (almost) fully reclining seats: nothing but the best for us. We were travelling with Gitte and Stig, who were going in the same direction as us so instead of having a night in La Paz as originally planned we decided at the last minute to again push on so that we could continue travelling with them. La Paz has a reputation of sucking you into its charms (of which it has many), and we didn’t want to end up spending another week there like last time. Best to move on quickly me thinks. We ended up having just enough time for a proper coffee (none of this instant with powdered milk crap), a couple of speed purchases at the market, and a visit back to the immigration office. This time to sort Gitte and Stig out who hadn’t realised their visa was for 30 days instead of 60 days so had overstayed by a couple of weeks. Whoops! Potential disaster at the border avoided with a bit of paperwork shuffling and passport stamping by the immigration officials.

So in three days we passed through three towns, ending up in Copacabana on the shores of Lake Titicaca. Our last day in Bolivia was spent on Isla de Sol checking out the Inca ruins there. As Inca ruins go they can’t compare to some of the things we would be seeing in Peru shortly, but it was a nice little introduction all the same. In Inca mythology the island is the birthplace of the sun, so a place with huge significance. For us it was a great day-trip with our friends, the sun was shining, the scenery was stunning and walking across the island at altitude wasn’t even too taxing.

The only downside to it all was a rather large mal-function of our camera battery charger. Somewhere along the way this vital bit of technology decided to stop functioning, leaving us with 4 completely flat batteries. BOLLOCKS! All we could really think about was Machu Picchu was coming up and we didn’t have a camera. DISASTER! Gitte and Stig came to our rescue by giving us a canon camera charger they no longer needed (yay) because someone stole their old camera (boo). So at least we had one working camera. Just needed to figure out how to charge the proper camera? That problem would have to wait though, as we had a boat to catch.

On arriving at the island, we ditched the Spanish speaking guide who was trying to recruit people to his group and ventured off on our own. We stuck around only long enough to find out which was the right way to go then went exploring.


As we walked up to the northern part of the island where the best ruins are, we couldn’t help but stop and play with the donkeys along the way…


We found the ruins we were looking for…


Performed a sacrifice…


But it was these two boys who were the highlight of the trip…


As entrepreneurs go, these brothers have the right idea. Standing right in the middle of the path preventing all tourists from passing they wanted 2B’s for a photo with their pet Llama. 2B’s is pretty expensive as far as photo opportunities go but Stig really wanted the Llama photo so we decided to pay. But as we got the money ready the price suddenly went up to 2B’s each. Absolute extortion, but they were so funny with their matching outfits. Good on them for trying their luck. We gave them 2B’s each for what we thought would be a photo of US with the llama but what was really a photo of THEM trying to hide their llama from the camera. Best part of the day for us by far.

After 9 weeks in Bolivia it was finally time to say good-bye. Needless to say Bolivia has become our favourite country by far on this trip, so Peru has a lot to live up to. If anything can beat it we're thinking Machu Picch can though. Stay tuned.


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Glad you were aable to get your camera's charged up, the photos all tell a story
Love Mum xx

by Jenny Barnett

You have so many amazing pics everywhere you go! Just stunning. Enjoy your last couple of weeks.

by Jennifer Farley

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