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Home Sweet Home 28.06.2012
Land of the free, home of the brave. 4 days in Los Angeles 27.06.2012
“Hasta Luego” South America - it’s been unreal! 27.06.2012
Vilcabamba, the only part of Ecuador we had time for…. 23.06.2012
Bus + Bus = Beach 18.06.2012
Machu Picchu, at long last! 16.06.2012
Love ruins, don’t love Cusco 14.06.2012
Miracles, floating islands and altitude sickness 14.06.2012
Back to Bolivia: the final few days. 10.06.2012
Jungle. Part 4. Roy 10.06.2012
Jungle. Part 3. Sama. 10.06.2012
Jungle. Part 2. Koru 04.06.2012
Jungle. Part 1. Highlights and lowlights 02.06.2012
Fun times in La Paz 26.04.2012
Un-Bolivia-Able Part 2 25.04.2012
Un-Bolivia-Able Part 1 22.04.2012
Cactuses, Canyons, and Caballos 18.04.2012
Off the beaten track in Bolivia 18.04.2012
Stowaways, Semana Santa, Saltenas and Spanish 07.04.2012
Seymour in Santa Cruz 04.04.2012
The death train 03.04.2012
Rio de Janeiro: the name says it all! 02.04.2012
Paradise. One day only. 27.03.2012
Beaches, butterflies and Brazilian babes 27.03.2012
Hotter than fire! Iguaçu: round 2 19.03.2012
Time’s up for Argentina 15.03.2012
Food glorious food. Gout club Mendoza style! 09.03.2012
This is Santiago 06.03.2012
Pucon – from bad to worse to terrible 04.03.2012
If National Geographic says it's good, it's good 02.03.2012
Awesome Argentina (and a bit more of Chile) 25.02.2012
The ‘W’ trail minus a bit at the end 24.02.2012
The End of the World: Part 2. 18.02.2012
The End of the World. Part 1 14.02.2012
Hola Buenos Aires, Que tal? Me llamo Keely y este es Mike. 12.02.2012
Goodbye Africa! 09.02.2012
South Africa: good wine, good times, goodbye 09.02.2012
We’re not quite finished with Namibia yet! 07.02.2012
Spitzkoppe, Seals, Skydiving and Sand-dunes. 05.02.2012
Big Cat Week; Lions, Cheetahs and a Leopard 03.02.2012
Okovanga Delta; I will get this video to work! 29.01.2012
Okovanga Delta; by boat and plane 29.01.2012
Stifler and the Oasis crew 28.01.2012
Beautiful Botswana 24.01.2012
Rainbows and Rapids 22.01.2012
Can’t believe how close we are to that Rhino! 13.01.2012
Lions, lions and more lions! 09.01.2012
Zimbabwe here we come! 09.01.2012
Cook group again! 28.12.2011
Malawi Magic 26.12.2011
Camping! 26.12.2011
Finally some time to relax. 20.12.2011
Cook group 20.12.2011
Would the Serengeti be as good as the Masai Mara? 20.12.2011
Lion cubs, Masai warriors and mud! 14.12.2011
A trip to the Hospital 03.12.2011
Ethiopian Top 5’s 03.12.2011
On top of the Simien Mountains 01.12.2011
Thieving young delinquents! 19.11.2011
Felucca time!!! 19.11.2011
Walk like an Egyptian 19.11.2011
6 years, 12 boxes, 2 backpacks 05.11.2011